How to Turn A Carport Into An Enclosed Garage 

How to Turn a Carport Into an Enclosed Garage

How to Turn A Carport Into An Enclosed Garage 

For many homeowners, carports are an easy choice for their ability to add protection without the expensive price of a fully enclosed garage. For short-term solutions, this can be a great way to add minimal structure for cars to be stored under. However, carports do not compare to the number of features, protection, and convenience an enclosed garage will bring. 

For this reason, homeowners near Troy, AL may be searching for how to convert carport to garage. Fortunately, our team at All Access Overhead Door, LLC has extensive experience with enclosing a carport and can handle your project with professionalism and excellent customer service. We’re passionate about offering the best garage door services near you! With our carport enclose ideas, we’ll guide you through the process of transforming your carport into an enclosed garage. 

What’s a Carport?


A carport is a roofed, open-walled structure built to protect cars or outdoor equipment from weather and the sun. They’re typically built from wood or metal and can be attached to the side of the house. Since they contain no walls, carports offer only minimal protection for vehicles and outdoor equipment. Severe weather conditions, such as snow, hail, and strong winds will still be able to impact a car underneath a carport. 

For this reason, homeowners may want to consider enclosing a carport. Not only can this add increased protection for vehicles, but can even increase the value of your house. An enclosed garage offers insulation, electricity, and the convenience of a garage door opener that controls your system. This is also a valuable addition that’s sure to help your curb appeal. 

How to Begin Transforming Your Carport

When our technicians at All Access Overhead Door, LLC take on an enclose carport project, we are guided by the following process. It’s important to consider every step so that no details are missed or overlooked. With a thorough understanding of how to enclose a carport, we’re prepared to handle a carport conversion at your home. 


First, you’ll need to prepare for enclosing a carport. This begins with researching if you need approval. Since most carports are attached to homes, this may need to be approved by a homeowner’s association or other neighborhood board. Next, you’ll need to develop a budget. Most projects will average around $10,000 for the full installation. Once you’ve established a budget, an initial plan will need to be prepared. This should include the type of garage door material, windows, and access doors you’d like. Your existing carport frame will need to be measured and examined. From here, our team can draw a final plan and order all necessary materials. We’ll construct a timeframe for your enclosed carport project. 

Enclosed Carport

Begin Building

The next step is the building process! The carport frame will be fitted with the walls and support beams. A bottom plate, usually covered in a polyethylene sheet, will need to be installed. All wall framing will start at the top of the structure and follow the columns down the side. Next, the windows, access doors, garage door, and garage door opener will all be installed.

Garage Door Services

Insulation and Electrical

If you’re attempting a DIY carport enclosure project, we highly recommend that you call a professional for electrical installation. At the least, the garage door opener and overhead light will need to be connected. We always encourage you to insulate garage door walls, as it helps to protect against heat loss. Our technicians at All Access Overhead Door, LLC can handle the whole installation for your new enclosed carport. 

Carport Project
carport conversion

Add Design Features

Here comes the fun part! Now that you’ve enclosed the carport, you can add design features that will complement your home. This could include exterior finishes, paint, and any type of decorative hardware. We can help you style your new enclosed garage to maximize your ROI and its impact on your curb appeal. With years of installing garage doors, we’ve learned what homeowners love to see with garage door colors and designs. 

Schedule Your Enclosed Carport Conversion With Us!

If you’re looking to convert carport to garage, contact us today at 334-304-0585! We’ll thoroughly handle your project and even give you carport enclosure ideas! Our attention to craftsmanship is what lifts us above our competitors and results in high-quality garage door systems you can rely on. We’re proud to be your number-one choice for garage door services near Troy, Enterprise, and Goshen, AL!

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