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What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are part of the counterbalance system that supports the garage door’s weight as it operates. They are located on each side of the door and run vertically to the track. The cables wrap around drums that sit on top of the door and attach to brackets near the ground. 

Proper maintenance is crucial for the cables to function effectively. Over years of daily use, the cables may become frayed or damaged and stop working as effectively. If the damage is too severe, the overhead garage door cables may snap, which can be dangerous and cause your garage door to stop working. Scheduling garage door cable replacement near TroyEnterpriseAndalusia, and Montgomery is necessary. Let All Access Overhead Door partner with you to deliver the best results for your home.

The Two Most Common Issues with Garage Door Cables

Broken Garage Door Cables

If your garage door cables are broken, get them replaced as quickly as possible. Cables break when they corrode or because of broken springs. Broken cables cannot be repaired, so we keep new garage door cables on hand to perform fast replacements. Our team is always available to perform garage door cable replacement near you. 

Loose Garage Door Cables

It is more common for garage door cables to loosen and fall out of their drums than snap completely in half. The cables can come off the drum if the garage door closes on an object or the springs are damaged. If you have a loose garage door cable, it needs to be reattached to the drum. We highly recommend leaving any type of garage door cable repair to garage door repair professionals, as cables hold tension just like springs. Attempting to reattach cables can cause them to snap and injure you. 

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What To Do If You Have a Broken Garage Door Cable

If you suspect a broken garage door cable or another severe issue with your garage door system, leave it exactly as it is and call for assistance. Garage doors are heavy and hold a lot of tension. A malfunctioning garage door could injure you if you continue trying to use it. All Access Overhead Door will come to your home quickly to perform your garage door cable repair!

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All Access Overhead Door repair garage door cable near TroyEnterpriseAndalusia, and Montgomery. Our commitment is to deliver the best possible results when you need help with your loose or broken garage door cables. We keep high-cycle replacement cables in every truck to dispatch fast, effective garage door repair. If you suspect an issue with your garage door system, contact us today to book an appointment!

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