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Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced those frustrating moments of misalignment. Whether it be a missed opportunity, a lapse in communication, or a forgotten task, misalignment in any capacity can be frustrating, cause division, and stand in the way of getting things done. Knowing just how much being off track can impact your personal life, how much more frustrating is it when this happens with your residential garage door or your business’ commercial overhead door?

All Access Overhead Door is your go-to garage door company for all things off-track garage door repair near TroyEnterpriseAndalusia, and Montgomery, AL. We specialize in garage door repairs for doors of all sizes, shapes, materials, and weight classifications. If you’re struggling to get your overhead door back on track, give us a call! Our garage door experts can’t wait to assist you!

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Signs You Need Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Misalignments happen, and if we’re honest, they can be pretty scary. One minute, your residential garage or commercial overhead door is functioning normally, rising and lowering into place, and the next, your door is hanging on for dear life and struggling as it opens and closes at an uneven angle. Diagonal doors can be extremely dangerous. Why? Because your door wasn’t constructed to operate that way!

When diagonal doors happen, all of your garage door’s adjoining parts and hardware are forced to overcompensate to keep your door from falling and causing catastrophic damage. A fallen door can severely impact your vehicles, appliances, valuable items, and worse yet, you! Contact us for immediate off-track garage door repair if you notice any of the following signs that an off-track door is imminent or has already occurred:

  • Your garage door is jerking along its tracks during operation
  • Your garage door is making strange noises 
  • Your garage door is misaligned or appears to be coming off-track
  • Your garage door is opening or closing at an angle 
  • Your garage door doesn’t open or close completely
  • Your garage door has worn or damaged cables, springs, and rollers
  • Your garage door is rolling along its tracks at an unusual pace
  • Your garage door starts to open/close and then stops/reverses

Benefits of Off-Track Garage Door Repair

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The doors look awesome and they installed in half a day.

Corey B.

Great experience. The doors look awesome and they installed in half a day. I would recommend them without hesitation. This is the group to use!!

Highly recommend!

Tight Corner Turning

Great service!!! Troy from Troy drove down on short notice and where others said I need to replace my door, he fully rebuilt it better and is good for a fraction of the price! Highly recommend!

They did an excellent job installing my garage doors

Annie Z.

I am very pleased with my new garage doors. All Access personnel were professional and efficient. They did an excellent job installing my garage doors and I would recommend them to everyone I know.