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Two Power Styles You Need To Know Before Garage Door Opener Installation

If you need a compatible garage door opener with your garage door, All Access Overhead Door, LLC can provide the best! We can also clear up why you need to know about the two different power styles before you request a certain garage door opener for your garage door opener installation.

2 Power Styles of Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers come in two power styles: alternating current — known as AC — or direct current — known as DC. While both AC and DC openers transform electricity into motion for the motor, they achieve this differently. An alternating current goes to and from the motor continuously, changing directions, while a direct current constantly flows in one direction. Both are sustainable and still popular among residential and commercial properties. The differences between these garage door openers will help you decide which power style is right for you.

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Is One Power Style Better Than The Other?

The question of whether you should buy an AC or a DC-powered garage door opener can depend on two things:

1. How much energy do you want to save? 

DC openers are a newer, improved power style known for their quieter operation and regulated power source. AC garage door openers work with higher durability motors needed for powerful output.  

2. Do you want additional safety and technology features from your garage door opener?

AC openers are best for commercial properties needing new garage door opener installation. With their simple operation and durability, they are not compatible with smartphone apps or programmable settings. DC garage door openers allow you to monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are.

AC Garage Door Openers

The first garage door openers available for property owners were AC-powered devices. The garage door openers that feature an AC motor rely on coils that wrap around an output shaft. The coils generate a magnetic field while transformers control the current’s power and direction. The transformers grant the garage door to open and close.

The benefits of AC garage door openers include:

  • High durability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Chain-drive operation
  • Moderate prices
  • High power output
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DC Garage Door Openers

DC garage door openers are a newer invention that changed how the garage door system gets its power. While an AC garage door opener generates a magnetic field, a DC opener pulls power from another source with pre-generated energy, such as a battery. With DC garage door openers, the energy is stored and provides electricity at a constant voltage. This is where they’re known to be energy efficient.

Regulated Power

DC garage door openers also tend to be smaller with more condensed components since they gather electricity from an outside source. They feature electronic circuit boards that regulate power. The circuit board controls speed and offers the ability to establish numerous settings for speed, torque, and control. 

Many belt-drive openers contain a DC motor which makes them known for a quieter operation and a soft open and close feature for the garage door.

The benefits of DC garage door openers include:

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Belt-drive operation
  • Remote and backup battery operation options
  • Long-lasting brushless design
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Better Your Garage Door Opener Installation with Knowledge of Power

An AC motor is a great choice if power and simplicity are your priorities for a garage door opener. While DC motors are plenty powerful, AC motors generate enough electricity for the most demanding applications, such as large warehouses and industrial plants. Using an AC opener is as easy as plugging it into a nearby wall outlet. While they cost less upfront, along with competitive pricing, a DC motor will reduce your energy bills over time.

You should choose a DC garage door opener if you want to use it alongside smartphone applications. The size and design innovations that DC garage door openers feature make them compatible with new technology. DC motors could also operate in any weather if a storm were to cut power from your home since DC motors run off of batteries.

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