How Garage Door Replacement Increases Your Home Value

garage door replacement

While a garage door can last for decades, replacing an old, worn-out door can significantly increase the value of your home. A new garage door provides a higher return on investment (ROI) than other home renovations and offers valuable benefits such as energy efficiency and enhanced security. Want to learn more about how garage door replacement can transform your home’s value? Keep reading below!

Are New Garage Doors Worth the Investment?

Without a doubt, garage door replacement is a home improvement project that consistently delivers the highest return on investment, as confirmed by the Cost vs. Value Report. The 2024 data reveals that the average investment of $4,500 in a new garage door can yield a resale value of up to $8,700, recouping 193% of your cost. This high ROI makes new garage doors a truly worthwhile investment! 

Five Ways Garage Door Replacement Increases Your Home’s Value

Curb Appeal

When someone approaches your home, they see its exterior, especially the garage door, which can take up 30% or more. That’s why an outdated or damaged garage door can be a major eyesore, while a brand-new garage door is a massive boost for your curb appeal. 

With modern garage doors on the market, you can customize the look of your door to perfectly complement your home with dozens of style, color, and finish options. From full-view glass to faux wood to carriage overlay, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities for upgrading your curb appeal with new garage doors!


Outdated garage doors and openers lack the modern security features critical to protecting your home against potential invaders. However, a new garage door installation will outfit your garage with the latest security features, including automatic garage door locks, rolling codes for opener access, and remote operation to monitor your garage door from anywhere. 

If your garage door system is 20+ years old, it isn’t equipped to protect your home against the 9% of burglars who use the garage door as their access point. Invest in a new garage door and opener to increase your home’s security and give you peace of mind. 

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Energy Efficiency 

Non-insulated garage doors do nothing to insulate your home against hot or cold weather, making your garage an icebox in the winter and an oven in the summer. These fluctuating temperatures from the garage can be especially uncomfortable if you have a room above or beside the garage. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Insulated garage doors boost your home’s energy efficiency by insulating the space against exterior temperatures. That means less conditioned air gets out, and less hot or cold air gets in. Your garage will not only be more comfortable, but you will also see a reduction in overall energy costs as your home can maintain a better temperature. 


Aging garage doors need frequent maintenance and repairs from failing parts, costing you more and more in upkeep. But you don’t have to go through the same old song and dance routine, struggling with your unreliable garage door! With garage door replacement, you’ll have a smoothly operating, reliable garage door. 


As the heaviest moving object in your home, the garage door poses a potential safety hazard to family members and pets when malfunctioning. Broken parts could cause the garage door to fall suddenly, and faulty garage door sensors could mean the garage door closes on someone or something. But modern garage doors have all the safety features necessary to protect your family and give you peace of mind. 

Are You Ready to Invest in Garage Door Replacement?

With all these great benefits, from boosted curb appeal to better security, it’s easy to see why many homeowners invest in garage door replacement to increase their home’s value. Are you ready to take the plunge and explore new garage door options? Contact All Access Overhead Door for garage door replacement in Troy, Enterprise, Andalusia, and Montgomery, AL. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners transform their homes with amazing new garage doors, and we’d love to help you do the same. Call now to schedule a consultation with one of our experts!

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