Garage Door Styles

The Best Garage Door Styles in 2022

What Garage Door Style Should You Choose?

Maybe you’ve been in denial about the state of your old garage door, and the time has finally come to face reality. Perhaps you love design and decor, and the thought of a home renovation project thrills you! Maybe your garage door was unexpectedly damaged beyond repair, and you need a new one fast. Regardless of the reason, you’re ready to have a new garage door installed, and now you’re wrestling with an essential question:

What garage door style should you choose?

We’re glad you asked because garage doors are our favorite topic, and we’re excited to share information about four garage door styles we think you’ll love! Any one of these garage door styles would be a great addition to your home.

Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors are extremely popular right now! Modern garage doors have a sleek appearance and don’t typically have unnecessary hardware on them. Some modern garage doors have windows, and others don’t. Straight lines characterize modern garage doors, many of which are made of wood or faux wood.

Homeowners love the modern garage door style because these doors are highly customizable. You can use your style choices to add your personality and flair to these doors. You can stick with a natural-color garage door or make a bold color choice, such as black or gray. You can choose to add windows and even choose where the windows are placed. 

modern garage doors
full view glass garage doors

Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary and modern garage doors are similar because they have clean lines and a minimalistic look. Neutral colors are also popular with contemporary garage doors, but again, you have the option to customize your garage door. Contemporary garage doors have an industrial-chic look and are made out of steel, glass, or aluminum. Glass doors are becoming increasingly popular as many homeowners are drawn to the natural light they provide. 

Contemporary design and current-day trends go hand-in-hand. What’s considered a contemporary garage door in 2022 may be completely different in 10 years. It all depends on what’s popular. Garage doors can last for up to 30 years! That’s why it’s so important to take the time to think about what garage door style really speaks to you.  

Carriage House Garage Doors

A favorite of farmhouse-style homeowners, carriage house garage doors get their name from the days of horse-drawn carriages. They’re also commonly referred to as “barn-style” garage doors. Carriage house garage doors have handles in the center, making it appear that they will swing outwards. Carriage house garage doors operate like traditional ones, though, and are very durable. The handles add a nice touch to the overall aesthetic and are an excellent opportunity to add some customization. 

carriage garage doors
traditional garage door style

Traditional Garage Doors

If simple and elegant is what you’re looking for, choosing a traditional garage door style is your best bet. These budget-friendly garage doors are a timeless classic. Generally made from steel, traditional garage doors look good with any home and are decidedly the most popular garage door style for homeowners looking into new garage door installation options.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Style

Which garage door style you choose is important; however, there are many other factors to consider when deciding which garage door is right for you and your home.

  • Color
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Safety/Security
  • Opener
  • Cost 
  • Convenience

With so many choices, garage door installation can seem overwhelming, but a new garage door is an investment worth making. The increase in curb appeal alone makes choosing the perfect garage door style worth the time! Recent studies show that garage door renovations offer a substantial return on investment, more so than nearly any other home improvement project! The value added to your home, not to mention your daily life, is instantaneous.

Contact All Access Overhead Door, LLC for Garage Door Installation

When you trust a skilled team of professionals to install your brand-new garage door, you ensure that the garage door, all its parts, and the entire installation will be handled with care. Proper installation plays a huge role in the longevity of your garage door.

No matter what garage door style you choose, All Access Overhead Door can install it for you and get the job done right! We can also answer any questions about garage door styles, customization, material, and brands. Contact us today, and let us help you improve your home’s value, curb appeal, and functionality.

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