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If you’ve ever experienced a broken garage door, you’ll know it’s not exactly ideal. You were rushing out the door, spilled coffee, and then realized that your garage door won’t open. Now you can’t get your car out of the garage and are going to be extremely late. It’s not a great situation; you’re frustrated and now have to wait on a garage door repair company in Goshen AL. 

These are the situations our service professionals prepare for. We know just how important your garage door is to your routine, and that you need garage door repair to happen quickly and efficiently. When you call, our team will be ready to provide your home with garage door repair Goshen AL. With our experience and training, we are the best team for the job as we handle garage repair near you accurately the first time.

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With garage door repair, there are common issues that circulate. It may be that your garage door opener is damaged or experiencing power issues, you have a broken torsion spring, or you have a garage door off track. No matter what issue your garage door is experiencing, we’ll be ready to conduct garage door repair Goshen AL. Here are the following signs to look out for, which signal that you need garage repair: 

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door opens and then reverses.
  • Garage door moves at an angle.
  • Garage door makes strange, grinding noises.
  • Garage door moves slowly.
  • Garage door slams shut.

As soon as you begin experiencing garage door issues, make sure to give our team a call. The faster you can get ahead of garage door repair, the more time and money you’ll save. Leave it to the experts at All Access Overhead Door, LLC when your need a garage door repair company in Goshen AL.

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Troy and Duane are the go to team.

Randall C.

Troy and helper quickly located the door problems and re-adjusted both doors to operate smoothly and quietly. While Troy did not do the installation, he worked on the doors as if he had by checking and lubing the entire system. We can now open the doors without fear they’re coming off the tracks. Troy and Duane are the go to team.

Great job!!

Richard W.

Troy and his helper was on time, clean, knowledgeable, professional and a great price. A very personable person do business with. You don’t find this very often. Great job!!

I highly recommend their service!

Teresa C.

Superior service and workmanship! They repaired my 20 Ft. garage door – and it was gliding like butter when they finished. I highly recommend their service!

Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are among the most crucial parts of the garage door. Stretching to expand, they bear the weight of the garage door as it moves. Over time, this causes a lot of tension to build up within the spring’s coils. Standard torsion springs are known to last about 10,000 cycles, which translates to 7-14 years. As your garage door springs get older, they may show signs of deterioration, which include: straining noises, longer gaps between coils, loose or fallen cables, and causing the garage door to slam shut. 

If you begin to see these signs, it’s important that you schedule garage door spring replacement Goshen AL immediately. Worn-down springs can cause extra stress to plague the opener and may impact other parts as well. If you schedule garage door spring repair sooner, it can save you a lot of time and money. Make sure to leave garage door spring replacement to the experts, as it’s a very dangerous area of garage repair. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers, as the motor of the door, are responsible for coordinating movement. If you have a trusted garage door opener brand that was installed correctly, your opener should last 10-15 years. Garage door openers do experience issues due to age and damage, but sometimes, their issues may be easier to solve. We do recommend some troubleshooting steps before you call the experts in for garage door opener repair

  • Make sure your opener light is on
  • Replace the batteries in your remote and keypad
  • Reset the system
  • Make sure there’s not a lock engaged on your door or opener
  • Check your safety sensors, ensuring that their lights are on and nothing is obstructing their view 

If you’ve done the above steps with no success, give our team a call. We’ll thoroughly inspect your garage door opener to find the issue and then conduct the appropriate garage repair. If your garage door opener has experienced too much damage or is fairly old, we may recommend garage door opener replacement. Our team knows the best garage door openers on the market and can help you choose the best one for your home. 

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Anytime you need garage door repair Goshen AL, our team is ready to help. With our experience handling garage door issues, we are confident that we can take care of any garage door repair that you need. With our emphasis on customer service, you’ll find that we prioritize communication with you and are respectful in our service at your home. Give us a call today or schedule your appointment online for garage repair Goshen AL. We look forward to serving you! 

How long do springs last? 

Standard torsion springs are known to last about 10-15,000 cycles. The garage door opening and closing once counts as a cycle. Depending on how often your garage door is in use, the springs may last 5-15 years. 

What are safety sensors? 
What is garage door cable replacement?