Glass Garage Doors

Why Invest in a Glass Garage Door?

Glass is a gorgeous garage door material that offers many benefits. Glass garage doors are an example of modern architecture and home design that’s becoming increasingly popular. This style favors striking colors and clean lines that result in a bold look. But glass roll up doors are more than just beautiful, they are also built with aluminum frames for maximum durability. Modern glass doors give you the best of both worlds!

Glass roll up doors can be used in both residential and commercial settings. In the home, they are used as a standard exterior garage door or as a basement or patio door. For commercial use, commercial glass doors are a great way to add curb appeal to a storefront. New restaurants, retail stores, and even fire stations benefit from the addition of a new glass garage door. 

glass garage doors
full view glass garage doors

Why Choose a Glass Garage Door? 

Increased Curb Appeal

When considering curb appeal, many people don’t realize the weight garage doors have. However, they make up a large portion of the home’s exterior, which means they’re instrumental in first impressions. Glass is one of the most beautiful garage door materials, given its natural light and modern style. 

Easy Maintenance

Glass garage doors give you a beautiful door without the high maintenance routine. Other garage door materials, such as wood, require a heavy level of maintenance to keep them in prime condition. With glass garage doors, you’ll only have to keep up with standard maintenance. Glass roll up doors are also resistant to mold and rotting, and are high in energy efficiency. 

Natural Light 

Glass garage doors offer beautiful natural light that filters into your garage or building. Full view glass allows lots of light to reach inside, which makes for a bright and airy look. This is especially convenient if you are converting your garage into an office or gym.

Customization Options

One of the greatest benefits of glass doors is their customization options. When building your glass garage door, you’ll have the opportunity to decide on the type of glass you’d like. During this process, consider the amount of privacy you’d like to have and the frequency of maintenance you want to keep up with.

Common Glass: DS Glass, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulated Glass, Acoustical Glass, Impact Rated Glass, Multi-Wall Polycarbonate, Acrylic Glass, Low-E Glass, Low Iron Glass

Cosmetic Glass: Frosted Glass, Tinted Glass, Mirrored Glass, Self Cleaning Glass, Self Tinting Glass, Dry Erase Glass, Clear Glass

Glass Sizes: Standard ¼” glass, ¼” glass with small upgrades, insulated glass in 7/16, 5/7” or 1” thickness

Commercial Glass Doors

With commercial doors, the options are endless. Do you have a business that would benefit from the addition of commercial glass doors? You’ll also be able to customize your commercial glass door. 

Safety Glass: This type of glass is constructed with premium durability in mind. Safety glass can include clear, tinted, or frosted glass. Types of safety glass include security glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and wired glass. If you’re in a location that’s exposed to severe winds and weather, safety glass is a great option to consider. 

commercial glass doors

Countertop Glass Doors: Countertop glass doors are great choices for smaller windows in your commercial building. You’ll be able to choose your glass type and frame. These doors can be great additions for serving or to-go counters. 

Full View Glass: Full view glass doors maximize the amount of light that comes into the building. They can be customized to your satisfaction and are great additions to commercial or residential projects.

We Install Glass Garage Doors!

All Access Overhead Door, LLC installs glass garage doors near Troy, Goshen, and Enterprise, AL! Are you ready to upgrade your home with a gorgeous garage door? Glass roll up doors are excellent additions to residential or commercial buildings. We handle glass garage door installation and glass garage door repair! Contact a team member today for more information.

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