LiftMaster, C.H.I., and Overhead Door

LiftMaster, CHI, Overhead Door

The Ultimate Guide to All Access Overhead Doors and Openers

All Access Overhead Doors work with the best brands in the garage door industry, but the real question is which one is best for you? We know from decades of installing and garage door repair experience that each home is built differently which comes with slightly different needs. Depending on the materials of your garage door, you may need the most durable opener. If you are interested in installing a wooden garage door, you will need the strongest opener on the market, for instance, a chain drive opener. Versus a faux wood garage door made out of different materials like aluminum or steel would only need a light-duty garage door opener.

trusted garage door brands

The players in the game are brands All Access Overhead Doors exclusively work with: LiftMaster, C.H.I Overhead Doors, and Overhead Door. They all strive to provide the best products in the garage door industry, and we’re proud to distribute them! Keep reading, and we will decide which brand provides the very best garage door along with the ultimate garage door opener. Which one will last the longest? Which one is the most affordable? Also take note of the garage door opener you currently have, and which one you will want to keep or replace it with.


There is direct interpretation with its name: LiftMaster is the master of garage door openers. They only make openers, so their specialized product line provides customers optimized security and safety functions that have them so far ahead in line. LiftMaster provides high-quality, durable garage door openers for any type of garage door.

The Four Main Types of Openers Available on the Market Are:

LiftMaster Smart Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive: Best known for its older technology; these openers are extremely sturdy and will last you a long time.

Chain Drive: Widely popular among homeowners for its strength and affordability. Gets its name from its reliable chain pulley system that lifts your garage door.

Screw Drive: Best known for its older technology; these openers are extremely sturdy and will last you a long time.

Wall Mount: Another heavy lifter installed next to the garage door instead of the traditional overhead. Also a quiet operator, durable, and an excellent option to reduce clutter in your garage.

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C.H.I. Overhead Doors

C.H.I. have done amazing faux wood doors and their process for making them. Using a photo imaging process, they go back and add realistic brush strokes to give the most realistic wooden steel door in recent years. What you get is the look of stained cedar oak wood without the additional costs or weight an authentic wood garage door would have. C.H.I. never repeats a pattern, so every door is unique. While faux wood is the opportunity homeowners can get for affordable alternatives, this is also easier lifting for their garage door opener.

Their specialty is overlay doors and accent series plank doors. With 188 different color options to choose from, there is a shade or combination of shades for everyone.

Another unique feature about C.H.I. is their Sterling door. No other company makes glass garage doors without frames. This is a popular option for high-end customers wanting a sleek, modern garage door that’s extremely unique.

C.H.I. uses a third party to distribute their doors. Luckily you have All Access Overhead Doors near you as a C.H.I Overhead Doors dealer to only manufacture the doors.

Overhead Door

Overhead Door manufactures both garage doors and garage door openers. They are the oldest company out of this blog’s trio that have been in the garage door manufacturing business the longest. Their Red Ribbon logo is Overhead Door’s signature for reliable and upward-lifting commercial, industrial, and residential garage doors.

For their residential doors, Overhead Door offer slightly different varieties of styles like their vinyl exterior or wind load doors to protect your home’s structure in severe weather. Their Impression Fiberglass collection is their version of faux wood garage doors.

They also have a wide array of openers, operators, and accessories to complete your home, business, or remodeling project.

trusted garage door brands

Which Garage Door Brand Can a Commercial Property Depend On?

In the case of any high-stress situation, including emergencies, All Access Overhead Doors doesn’t leave out commercial properties looking for the best garage door or opener for their business. When it comes to commercial garage door openers, Overhead Door provides an excellent selection ranging from heavy-duty to light-duty operators, including a fire door operator.

Having been the premier choice for durable commercial doors and openers, Overhead Door is backed up by dedication to their hassle-free performance and engineered for excellence. Overhead Door is the best option for commercial businesses due to their garage doors and openers built with longevity in mind.

For their guaranteed satisfaction rate, ask an All Access Overhead Door professional which warranty would best suit your commercial or industrial business.

Who Has the Best Door vs the Best Opener?

liftmaster garage door opener
LiftMaster’s Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

When you individually decide who provides the best garage door, you have to keep in mind durability, noise, safety, technology, and climate. Also make sure to check which warranty best applies to you, depending on the product, because warranties vary and are limited.

Drumroll for the best garage door opener on the market!

LiftMaster is the clear winner for residential garage door openers due to their variety types, and overall customer satisfaction. Their updated sleek model designs mirror their top-of-the-line security and technology functions. When it pertains to noise level and reliability, it’s all in their name!

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